Precision Fasteners
Perfect Industries (India) is the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality fasteners have come a long way since its establishment in the year 1955. Ever since inception, we have adopted manufacturing and quality procedures at par with world leaders. The company has achieved the ISO 9001:2000 Certification to caters
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  Hex Bolts and Screws  
  Carriage Bolts  
  Hub Bolts  
  Anchor Bolts  
  Shovel/Harrow Bolts  
  Scaffolding Fasteners  
  Flange / Coller Bolts  
  Allen Bolts  
  Special Fastening Components  
  Coach Screws  
  Hex Nuts  
  Castle And Slotted Nuts  
  Flange Nuts  
  Lock Nuts  
  Squre / Hex Projection Weld Nuts  
  Special Nuts  
  Clevis Nuts  
  Combi Screws  
  Self Tapping Screws  
  Stainless Steel Fasteners  
  Tubular / Sheet Products  
  CNC Turned Precision Components  
  Fully Threaded Rods  
Nut Forming Machine
Cold Heading Machine
Trimming Machine
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